Corporate Driving Lessons and Instructor Services

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  • Concerned about Corporate Manslaugher rules and your fleet of drivers ?

Corporate Fleet Health and Safety evaluations

Who is this for?

Any company that has a fleet of employees whose role requires them to drive, whether a company vehicle or their own, must demonstrate they have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure their employees safety.

This requirement is an extension of the Health and Safety directive and is now covered under the Corporate Manslaughter section of Corporate Governance requirements.

What does this mean?

Essentially, any organisation that required personel to drive to complete their work should, in the event of anything happening to their employee, be able to demonstrate that resonable steps have been take to maintain the employees safety.

This may include;

  • An assesment of the exmployees driving style; including speeding, dangerous or careless regard while driving and sufficient corrective advise has been provided,
  • Ensuring employees are aware of the requirement to maintain their vehicle; whether company or personal, in adequate condition and suitably maintained,
  • Ensuring employees are aware of the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or whilst tired,
  • Providing guidance and sufficient technology to ensure drivers are not encouraged to use handheld devices whilst driving,

Our services

As part of our corporate services we undertake routine assesments of your employees, asses and report of possible hazards and provide guidance on handling these hazards.

Where employees are identified as high risk we can undertake the necessary training and reporting to demonstrate the orginsation has taken steps to identify and assist drivers that may be at risk while driving.

Corporate benefits of fleet training

Do you have a large fleet of drivers? Do you have large fleet insurance claims or are you just worried about your health and safety requirements with a large fleet of vehicles and drivers or just key employees?

Health and Safety is now of paramount importance in all industries and with insurance premiums set to increase by 30% on average over the next year (2009 figures), providing driver instruction for large fleet's of drivers or key personnel makes both sound financial and well being benefits. No matter how long your employees have been driving or how experienced, they will certainly have collected a number of bad habits (sorry poor driving characteristics!). These may manifest themselves in your business in a number of ways;

  • High insurance claims,
  • Higher levels of employee stress,
  • Higher levels of employee fatigue,
  • Higher number of employee's with speeding fines, or worse at risk of losing their license through offences,

Whilst many of these may seem to be of no concern to a business, this is not the case. Any of these may effect your employees well being and therefore productivity, impacting your business productivity. Not taking into account your drivers habit and it's impact may also effect your health and safety requirements; a continued high level of driver incidents (leading to increased insurance costs too) that is left unaddressed not only increases the direct cost of insurance, this also displays a lack of concern for your employees driving difficulties that could be used against your business in the event of a serious incident.

By educating your drivers to adopt a safer driving style, perhaps to slow down and take more care over their driving style could not only reduce your exposure in the event of an incident, this will also provide a more productive workforce.

At A-drive Tuition we have been offering corporate health and safety driver instruction for a number of years now and are able to provide an off the shelf or bespoke service to suit your requirements. Delivered by one of our approved driving instructors and taking into account principles from basic technique's to advanced driving lessons, sessions are delivered at your premises in a non-preaching manor and taking into account the experience of your drivers.

Hands on sessions maybe conducted in off-road conditions for more advanced requirements.