Our aim is to provide the highest quality, safest driving lessons in Northamptonshire and obtain the highest possible pass rates for our pupils. . .

Driving Lessons with A-Drive Tuition Driving School Northampton

At A-Drive tuition our goal is to provide you with the highest possible lead in passing your Driving Test on the first attempt.

Our qualified Driving Instructors are vibrant, friendly and genuinely interested in your progress. They will discuss your experience, identify your approach to driving, and tailor every aspect of your learning experience to ensure no lesson is wasted and that you take no more lessons than are absolutely necessary.

Our instructors will monitor your progress, provide feedback and assistance. They will discuss both your Theory and Practical Driving tests and provide their view of when you are ready.

Our instructors are more than happy to guide you through booking the relevant tests and provide all the support necessary to reduce the stress of these occasions to the absolute minimum. They will book the test for you if you wish and arrange pre-assessments and lessons as required to suit you.

At A-Drive we are proud to boast a pass rate in excess of 90% and continuously strive to improve this.