The A-Drive Under 17s Driving Academy

Unique One-on-One Driving Lessons in a private, controlled environment with a Qualified Driving Instructor

First Under 17's Driving Acadamy

Driving lessons at 14-16 prior to receiving your provisional license

Learning to drive a car, like most other learning activities, is best achieved as early as possible, in as stress free environment and at a pace that suits the student. With the numerous skills required to drive a car; awareness of your surroundings and hazards, speed and spacial awareness not to mention clutch, accelerator, brake, observation etc. etc. These are all skills that once mastered become almost second nature and just happen automatically (watch an experienced driver, changing gear, observing the road, brake, slow and stop, how easy does it look?). However these new skill come with practise and confidence that can only be obtained by driving and experience.

Driving Lessons at 16?

Being able to practise these vital skills in a controlled environment is difficult; after all the very nature of roads is they are public spaces, not to mention the fact that dealing with other road users is a vital part of the learning process.

The A-Drive Tuition driving academy was specifically introduced to allow our driving instructors to undertake lessons in a controlled, off road environment. This is an exciting opportunity for our driving instructors and students, enabling us to not only extend the range of lessons to those in the 14-17 years not in a position to apply for their provisional license and take to the open road yet eager to gain a head start in learning to control a car, providing greater safety. This facility is also open to those 17+ year's students that would benefit from their initial driving lessons being undertaken in a more controlled environment, or perhaps to practice those skills that do take some mastering or are proving difficult.

Driving Lessons as a role in Education

We believe the long term safety of driving is in education and teaching new drivers earlier the hazards and consideration for driving on today's roads. Where driving is fast becoming a career requirement, our belief is that the skills required should be made more apparent than just the need to get driving as soon as possible. By allowing students to experience driving, to "get the feel" for a car and it's controls before the pressure to get a license becomes too great we believe this will help engage students with the real skills of learning to drive, and not just learning to pass a driving test.

By promoting road safety and earlier driving lessons through the schools of Northampton, A-Drive are taking a positive step to taking the typical driving lessons a step further.

Under 17s Driving Lessons

Student briefing conducted by driving instructor before practicing each skillUnder 17s Driving Lessons are conducted in blocks of approximately 2 hour sessions. We find any longer than two hours is too much for students to take in, although this allows sufficient enough intensity, practice and education for students to pick up the necessary skills much quicker. Each driving lesson is conducted on a one-on-one basis, with one of our qualified driving instructors taking a single student for each session.

Each session begins with a briefing of the skills being practiced by the driving instructor, following our own guides and education material where necessary. Following each briefing students are guided through practicing the skills in the confines of our private off-road facility. Other driving lessons being conducted at the same time within the facility provide the feeling of reality and perception of others in a controlled environment, ensuring lessons are not sterile and detached from the normal requirements of driving on the public highway.

Parking, maneuvering, speed control are all covered in our coned off areas where students are put through the paces of parking and controlling vehicles without the usual "solid" hazards of curbs and other vehicles.

Our under 17's driving lessons follow a structured approach and begin withYoung student first experience in control of the car

  • Controls Lesson
  • Moving off and stopping
  • Steering
  • Practising going up and down through gears
  • Approaching junctions safely
  • Manoeuvres

Practising driving Skills

Briefing Over, give me the car!

Learning to drive a car requires practise of each skill. To do this you must have a go at being in control of the car!

Final Briefing of student from driving instructorAll driving lessons are conducted in a car, as with normal lessons, and following each briefing and following the curriculum, focusing on weak areas etc. students are guided to practise the skills being taught. Of course, this is the most stressful part of any typical driving lesson - the fear and apprehension of making a mistake, striking another car etc.

Using our laid our track area, dedicated to practising certain skills (such as reverse parking, parallel parking etc.) lessons conducted in this way allow us to reduce the stress involved and allows students to absorb the feeling of driving much faster and in a relaxed way... helped of course because hitting the odd cone or two is less of a problem than a harder object!

Practise the manouvre in safety and security

Of course, as with all driving lessons, the driving instructors ensure students are fully aware of the surroundings and are safe at all time. Being in a controlled safe environment is not used an a excuse to allow students to learn poor habits, more to concentrate on the control and awareness of their actions than having to focus on the fear of repercussions.

Pricing and Packages

The under 17s driving academy is available to anyone between the ages of 14 and 16. Events are held on private land in the Sixfields area of Northampton.

All students receive one-on-one instruction with one of our fully CRB check instructors. All vehicles are fully insured and maintained for students use.

Under 17s Prices and Packages

Lessons cost £40 per hour and is on a one to one basis unlike many other organisations or driving schools that may offer this unique and fantastic opportunity for younger drivers, keen to start their learning experience and adventure earlier.

Pack 1 1 hour driving experience a,b,c,d. Provides a basic understanding of driving £40
Pack 2 2 hours driving. Includes all of the above plus e and f £75

Under 17s driving lessons; areas covered

  • controls lesson
  • moving off and stopping
  • steering
  • practising going up and down through the gears
  • approaching junctions safely
  • manoeuvres depending on progress of pupil and length of lesson