Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons With A-Drive Tuition. . .

Learning to drive like any skill needs to be learnt and there are a number of ways of learning.

There are a number of core skills to learning to drive, some involved being in the car (practical), others deal with the rules, requirements and regulations (read legal responsibilities) of being in control of a car on the road.

Our role as instructors and a driving school is to;

  • Help you pass your driving test as quickly as possible and as safely as possible,
  • Ensure that when you take your driving test you are suitably equipped and ready to pass it,

How Many Driving Lessons?

Yep straight to business and the number one question everyone asks, how many driving lessons do you need to pass your test?

The answer? it depends. The number of driving lessons required will depend on you as an individual and the time required to become comfortable and competent behind the wheel of a car.

DSA research suggests an average of 40 hours of professional driving lessons plus additional private practice will provide you the best chance of passing your driving test. Additional factors depend on;

  • How quickly you learn
  • How often you have driving lessons
  • Length of driving lessons
  • Regularity of driving lessons
  • Amount of private practice

What about the Driving Lesson?

At A-Drive Tuition we understand the difficulty in learning new skills and particularly driving where so many new things must be taken into consideration. All of your lessons are scheduled to suit you and ensure you are as comfortable as possible;

  • Your driving lessons are conducted on the local roads, used for tests, to provide familiarity and ease when taking your driving test,
  • Your driving instructor will arrange to meet you from your chosen pick up location and drop back at a convenient location when the driving lesson is over,
  • Your driving instructor will keep you appraised of how your driving skills are progressing and concentrate on any particular area they believe requires more attention, feel free to ask your driving instructor if you feel uncomfortable with any aspect of your driving,

What about home tuition driving with the parents, relatives etc.

We actively encourage taking practice driving sessions with suitably qualified and patient relatives, this can only assist you in feeling more confident quicker.

However following years of experience there are a number of recommendations we would make;

Do not continue private practice with someone that is a little, how can we say this, impatient or makes YOU feel nervous or stressed; this is not good for either party and there is no point driving under pressure and this only sets you back in our experience.

Check you meet the requirements for being accompanied by friends and family;

  • Your instructor must be over 21 years old
  • Your instructor must have held a full UK license for at least 3 years
  • You must be insured to drive the vehicle
  • You must ensure the vehicle carries 'L' plates, front and rear
  • You must ensure the vehicle is road worthy