Learn to Drive Northamptonshire, The Practical Driving Test

What is the Practical Driving Test?

The Practical Driving Test is when you must show the examiner that you are safe to drive without supervision. To pass you must put into practice your knowledge of the road and the driving skills you have learnt.

What is the test really like?

If you're well prepared from your lessons and practice and you can apply your theory knowledge, then the Practical Test should be straightforward. It's designed to see whether you can drive safely on the roads and can demonstrate your knowledge of the Highway Code. The test lasts about 40 minutes and is conducted by a DSA examiner. They'll tell you where to go and ask you to carry out a range of exercises. You'll be asked to drive on a test route that's designed to test your skills to the full and where possible it will incorporate everyday road and traffic conditions, including hills, traffic lights and junctions.

At A-Drive Tuition we will, wherever possible, conduct your lessons on similar roads and variation's to the test and will include all or parts of the routes.

Where is the driving test held?

The Practical Driving tests are carried out at DSA driving test centres and you will book your test at the centre that is most convenient to your home. An overview of the DSA test centre's for the Northamptonshire region are available on this site for your information.

Your practical test will begin and end at the driving test centre

Your A-Drive Tuition instructor is aware of the roads that the driving examiner's typically use and will try and conduct lessons on the same routes or taking into account similar conditions on the roads where your lessons are conducted. The driver testing routes are no longer published by the DSA to avoid over familiarity with the testing conditions.

New Driver Practical Test; What happens on the day?

Your driving test maybe taken either in your own car or one of A-Drive Tuition's vehicles. If you choose to use your own vehicle this must be legal (valid MOT, Tax and Insurance), and your examiner will ask you to sign a declaration stating that these are in order before the test begins.

Most pupils select to book a lesson and undertake their driving test in one of the A-Drive fleet of vehicles. This way the test will be taken in a vehicle your are familiar with and your instructor will collect you, take you to the test centre and wait whilst your test is conducted, before dropping you off as usual.


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