Top 10 Reasons for failing the practical driving test

Many of our students ask the reasons people typically fail to pass their driving test. Whilst it is difficult to answers as every student is different and the driving conditions vary, the DSA do regularly publish the top 10 reasons why new learners fail their Practical Driving Test, reproduced below.

Of course your A Drive driving instructor will be looking out for these and any other common items they feel will effect your chances in the examination and work with you to ensure you are as prepared as possible for your driving test.

Not mentioned in this information is the impact of nerves during your test. Appearing in many forms, one of the most important things during your test is to remain calm, demonstrate you are in control and do not let any single mistake be a reason to fail; the examiners are used to a certain level of anxiety and will allow for a certain level of nervousness.

To maximise your chances of passing your driving test the first time, look out for the following specific causes;

  1. Making effective observations and good judgement when emerging out of side roads
  2. Correct use of the controls Cnd/or g}od obse